Robert Bromley – Don’t Lose Heart

From the liner notes:

It’s been a challenging four years, with all the rodeo rides life’s thrown at us. Though life does not always deal you the perfect hand, God, family and friends can see you through anything. Believe in your dreams and cherish the ones who stand beside you through it all. Most of all, don’t lose heart.–RB

I sincerely thank:

…all the players for bringing their talent and expertise into this project. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

…the writers and co-writers of the songs.

…the Robert Bromley Band: Ron Laduca, John Kelsey, Daryl Hunt, Steve Bizinski, and Kevin St. Amour. “Thanks, Buddies,” for keeping the music in me alive.

…the ones who gave me emotional and spiritual support to fulfill a dream: Family, friends, Andy & Lauren May, my daughters–Sierra and Karli, and most importantly, my wife, Amy Jo, for sharing this dream and believing in me.

…the good Lord for the gift of music and voice.

…all of you who listen. —Robert Bromley

Produced by Andy May and Jim Heffernan

Randy Howard, fiddle –
Hal Rugg, steel
Chris Leuzinger, guitar
Rodger Morris, piano
Steve Mackey, bass
Kenny Malone, percussion
Mike Noble, rhythm guitar

Fiddle: Randy Howard
Pedal steel: Hal Rugg
Lead guitar (tracks 1-3): Chris Leuzinger
Lead guitar (tracks 4-6): Danny Parks
Piano: Rodger Morris
Bass (tracks 1-3): Steve Mackey
Bass (tracks 4-6): Bob Burns
Drums (tracks 1-3): Kenny Malone
Drums (tracks 4-6): Steve Holland
Rhythm guitar(tracks 1-3): Mike Noble
Rhythm guitar(tracks 4-6): Dennis Parker
Backup vocals(tracks 1-3): Larry Marrs, Dennis Parker
Backup vocals(tracks 4-6): Larry Marrs, Craig Fletcher

Engineered by Nathan Smith
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Mainframe Recording Studio, Nashville, TN
Cover photo by Kelley Patchen

In memory of fiddler Randy Howard, who didn’t lose heart.

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