Bring together thirteen musicians sporting backgrounds from bluegrass, classical, and jazz. Add the love for the rich mandolin orchestra sound from the 1920’s, and you have Mandomonium! Founded and directed by Brent Hawley, this eclectic ensemble tackles songs that challenge the musicians and keep the listeners on the edge of their seats.


Produced by Brent Hawley

Mandomonium Mandolin Orchestra

First Mandolin: Grant Gordy, Dan Mitchell, Ron Lynam;
Second Mandolin: Courtney Hartman, Kelli Trujillo, Martin Wolf, Susan Dailey
Mandola: Crystal Kerr, Dave Swiss, Drew Horton
Mandocello: Brent Hawley (Orchestra director)
Guitar: Tim Gauthier, Rick Bradstreet (tracks 3, 8, and 11)
Bass: Dave Dale

Artwork © Karen Cannon  (

Design / Layout: Karen Cannon / Lauren May

First release: Fort Collins, CO, 2004. Brent Hawley, engineer.

Reissue re-mastered by Nathan Smith, Mainframe Recording Studio, Nashville, TN

In memory of:

RANGER RICK BRADSTREET, our first guitarist, who helped build the momentum for this orchestra, named it… and always played the right notes.
BUTCH BALDASSARI, who was a true mentor.

Special Thanks To:

Butch Baldassari for leading the way in this musical style
Karen Cannon (cover art) for her unique artistic twist
Jeff Dearinger for his wonderful song arrangements
Crystal Kerr for Kitty’s Rag
Walter Carter for Soldier’s Night Out
Classical Mandolin Society of America for promoting the entire realm of mandolin music


  1. Balletto (Ottorino Respighi – public domain; arr. Jeff Dearinger)  …..  2:33
  2. Dance of the Lunatics (Thomas S. Allen – public domain)  …..  4:52
  3. Rumba (Dieter Kreidler – © Joachim-Trekel-Musikverlag Ohg, Germany)  …..  2:29
  4. Soldier’s Night Out (© Walter Carter)  …..  3:41
  5. Milonga (© Alberto Ginastera – Melos/Ricordi Argentina; arr. Jeff Dearinger)  …..  2:20
  6. Texas Fox Trot (David Guion – public domain)  …..  3:30
  7. Loftus Jones (Turlough O’Carolan – public domain; arr. Jeff Dearinger )  …..  2:50
  8. Pavanne – from Symphonette No. 2 Morton Gould, EMI Mills Music Inc., arr. Jeff Dearinger)  …..  3:17
  9. Boston Ideal March (Samuel Siegel – public domain)  …..  4:51
  10. Recuerdos da la Alhambra/ Stairway to Heaven (Francisco Tarrega – public domain /©Robert Plant, Jimmy Page – WB Music Corp.)  …..  5:27
  11. Kitty’s Rag (© Crystal Kerr)  …..  3:28
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