Brycen Fast

Country. Singer.

Brycen brings out the best in a song.

Genres:  Contemporary Country

CDs:  Flyin’ Fast

Brycen began his music career as a kid, singing on his family’s weekly radio show. But his first dream was to follow in his father’s footsteps as a professional baseball pitcher. His dad, Darcy Fast, pitched for the Chicago Cubs and the San Diego Padres and, in fact, played against country singer Tim McGraw’s father, “Tug” McGraw, when McGraw pitched for the New York Mets. Brycen pitched through high school and college, attracting the attention of major-league scouts, but his dream of a career in baseball was cut short by two surgeries on his throwing shoulder.

After some serious soul-searching, Brycen decided to pursue his other love: singing. He caught the attention of Swift River Music producer and writer Andy May. “Brycen’s athletic career taught him the value of focus, perseverance and teamwork, and his voice brings out the best in a song,” says May. Flyin’ Fast, Brycen’s new CD, is the culmination of their work together to date.

Once we went on the air with [Brycen] and played a few cuts [from his CD], our listeners went nuts. Since the interview, we’ve been inundated with phone calls, requests, and e-mails asking about Brycen…. You’ve got a major find here…! 

— Kim Taylor, Chris & Kim in the Morning, KAYO FM —Olympia, WA

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