Bill Mulroney

Bill Mulroney - Swift River Music Recording Artist

Singer. Songwriter.

A folk-rock original. New Artist Radio’s 2006 Folk Artist of the year.

Genres:  Folk-rock and Americana.

 SRM Discography:  Second Wind

Bill Mulroney  has been a successful professional for over 40 years. But he is also a singer/songwriter who has reconnected with his own artistic heart.

“The songs I wrote and performed back in the late 1960s and in the 1970s had nice melodies and some decent hooks and rhythms, but they lack something which I couldn’t put my finger on at the time.

“At age 51 something just exploded inside me – a creative urge that would not be denied. And I have found that the experience of having lived a relatively long life already (with lots of wonderful, exciting, dysfunctional and miserable periods included) allowed me to write songs with some real meat on them. In short, what I lacked as a younger man was experience, wisdom, and real confidence, things essential to the craft of a musical storyteller.

“I have begun a new journey of self-fulfillment, and I invite you to join me. Listen to the songs, and if you want, purchase the CD. Everyone deserves a Second Wind.”  –Bill Mulroney

…[A] vocal style reminiscent of a young James Taylor at times, and Danny O’Keefe at others — Chesapeake Music Guide [full review]


Swift River Music Discography

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