Andy May - Room for Roots

The Storms are on the Ocean

©A.P. Carter (Peer Music)

Behind the Song

Andy: I have played this song since I was in my mid-teens. Variants of these verses show up in many other old songs as well, and I incorporated one or two in my own version of “Storms.” This song is usually done as a waltz, but I like the way it flows in 4/4, and I arranged it that way many years ago. – Duet with Maura O’Connell.




The Storms are on the Ocean
©A.P. Carter/Peer Music

I’m going away to leave you, love
I’m going away for a while
But I’ll return to you, Sweetheart
If I go 10,000 miles


The storms are on the ocean
The heavens may cease to be
This world may lose its motion, Love
E’re I prove false to thee

Don’t you see that lonesome dove
Thatflies from vineto vine from
Mourning for its own true love
Just like I’ll mourn for mine


Who’s gonna shoe your pretty little foot
Who’s gonna glove your hand
Who’s gonna be your own true love
While I’m in a far off land

Papa’s gonna shoe my pretty little foot
Mama’s gonna glove my hand
And you’ll still be my own true love
When you return again