Andy May - Room for Roots

Ruby Lee

©Andy May, Lauren LeCroy May, Ronnie Young, Wes Cooper (Swift River Music/BMI)

Behind the Song

Andy: Writing material for and with artists that I have produced has given me many songs that I enjoy singing myself. This is one.

Lauren: I love writing about relationships with a twist. Our client, Ronnie Young, came to us with this song started, and I had a blast fleshing out the lyrics while Andy did the same with the music. It’s based on a person Ron once knew (with a great deal of embellishment), but we’ve all known a Ruby Lee at one time or another….




Ruby Lee
©Andy May, Lauren LeCroy May, Ronnie Young, Wes Cooper (Swift River Music/BMI)

She’s got herself a plan, gonna get herself a man with a house as big as Texas
She’s got expensive taste and no time to waste—got her heart set on a Lexus
She’s bored with jeans and boots, wants a man in a suit when she’s goin’ out on the town
That girl’s on a mission, she knows what she’s been missin’, this time she isn’t messin’ around

Ruby Lee—ain’t lookin’ for an ordinary guy like me
Ruby Lee—plans to land a lawyer or some big-time MD
She don’t care if his blood ain’t blue
If his money’s green—he’ll do

I met her late one night in the soft romantic light of a swanky uptown pub
I’d been best man at a weddin’ that wound down at eleven, so I wore my rented tux into the club
When Ruby saw me comin’, she figured I was someone who could make all of her dreams come true
I was completely unaware she was loaded for bear—I never had a prayer or a clue



Ruby Lee came on in overdrive
Wanted me to take her for a midnight ride
When she saw my ol’ pickup the bubble burst
Man, you shoulda seen her hit reverse


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Spoken: Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that ol’ truck! It’s just got a little rust…