Photos: “Room for Roots” Release Party at the Station Inn

Station Inn, Nashville, TN. September 1, 2016.

Official release party for Andy’s 2016 CD, Room for Roots.

It was a great night with a cast of thousands: Andy on guitar(s), Maura O’Connell, Jennifer O’Brien, Odessa Settles, and Nellen Dryden on vocals, Tony Paoletta on pedal steel, Kenny Malone on percussion (1st half), Nathan Smith on percussion (2nd half), Jeff Lisenby on piano, Pat Bergeson on harmonica, Jeremy Shearer on bass, and Jules Belmont on second guitar.

Photos below – video coming!! Many thanks to Chuck Thompson and Sara LeCroy for these photos!

"Room for Roots" at the Station Inn - 2016-09-01
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Many of the show band-members were featured on the recording itself, but a few were not available for the event for various reasons.

Album personnel:

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