Room for Roots


There’s room for roots in Andy’s music. There always has been!

Songs that tell stories as varied as the musical traditions behind them. Original, traditional, and covers of classics.

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A project to immerse yourself in Showcasing Andy’s songwriting, and featuring some of Nashville’s finest musicians and singers –  as well as Andy’s signature guitar work and rich vocals, Room for Roots embraces a wide range of styles and moods, providing plenty to catch you ear musically.

The process of recording Room for Roots was an intense and satisfying experience for me. These songs and the singers and players who joined me in the studio seemed to fit together in a natural and amazing way. I am grateful for the opportunity to have made this project, and excited to share it with you.

— Andy May


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1. Life’s a Gig – ©Andy May

2. At the Fork in the Road – ©Andy May

3 .The Woman in the Wings – ©Andy May, Lauren LeCroy May, James Heffernan

4. Haggard and the Queen – ©Andy May

5. Stone Soup from Hard Times – ©Lauren LeCroy May, Andy May
(Duet with Maura O’Connell)

6. Comeback – ©Andy May

8. The Storms Are on the Ocean – ©A.P. Carter (Duet with Maura O’Connell)

9. The Harvest – ©Lauren LeCroy May, Andy May

10. Helen’s Eyes – ©Andy May

11. Tending the Flame – ©Andy May, Lauren LeCroy May (Duet with Brittany Allyn)

12. Ruby Lee – ©Lauren LeCroy May, Andy May, Ron Young, Wes Cooper

13. My Small Town – ©Lauren LeCroy May, Andy May, Brycen Fast

14. Same Ol’ Blues – ©Andy May

15. You’ve Been a Friend to Me – ©A.P. Carter(Duet with Joanie Keller Johnson)

16. Bonus track: Stone Soup Retold (narration)