Before there was a name for Americana Music, Andy and his band, Atlantic Express, were making it — and here it is!

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Retroflect:  (v.) 1. To turn or bend back on itself.  2. To think about, or reflect on, past events and the times that shaped them.

Andy and his instrumentalist wizard band-mates shine on this collection of original songs — and digitized vintage recordings — from Andy’s road warrior years.

What a joy it’s been to go back and put together the recordings for this project — to revisit the times, the songs, and the music! I was fortunate to have been able to make and record this music and to work with the wonderful musicians and engineers on these tracks.

— Andy May


All tracks:

Andy May:  Vocal, Acoustic guitar Re-mastering: Nathan Smith, Engineer, Mainframe Recording Studio, Nashville, TN

Original Recordings:

  • Jim Weeks, Engineer, Downtown Sound, Northampton, MA
  • Ron Scalise, Engineer, The 19, South Glastenberry, CT, c.1980.
  • Randy Miotke, Engineer, Eye in the Sky Studio, LaPorte, CO

Archive Engineer: Mike Poston, Nashville, TN.


Drums: Tim Griffin Bass: Rudi Weeks, Roger Mason Piano: Jeff Potter,Rick Lee Harmonica: Jeff Potter Electric guitar: Joe Belmont, Rick King, Andy May (backup) Keyboards: Jim Weeks, Rick Lee, Randy Miotke Pedal & lap steel guitars: Jim Heffernan Fiddle, Strings: Kenny Kosek Percussion: Randy Miotke “Click Sticks”: Paul Wickliffe Hammond organ, Kenny Kosek Banjo: Jim Heffernan Background vocals: Andy May, Joanie Keller

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All Songs by Andy May (BMI)

1. Follow Your Heart

2. Steam Locomotive

3. Gentle Breeze

4. Hello

5. Friends

6. Lake Champlain

7. The Queen

8. Ride with Me

9. 5 a.m.

10. Love, Turn a Heart Around