Mainframe Studio, Nashville, TN, with engineer, Nathan Smith

In the recording studio, Andy brings together a lifetime of listening to and analyzing recorded music, playing music, leading bands, and writing music. He honed his production skills on his own recording projects, and he gives his production clients the same care and attention to detail he gives his own.

I learned how to produce recordings because I’m crazy about music! When I began to play guitar and mandolin and to learn the songs of my favorite artists, records were teachers and friends for me. In my early teens, my family acquired a Wilcox Gay reel-to-reel tape recorder. Poof!!! I now could make my own recordings. That’s how it began for me.

 — Andy

As the sole producer at Swift River Music, Andy has produced a wide range of music for over 40 years — music for album projects, for network T.V., and for artist, publisher, private, and corporate demos and videos. He works in many genres: country, alt rock, singer/songwriter, bluegrass, Americana, folk, western, and sacred, among others. From the warm appreciation of his clients to recognition by his peers in the music industry, Andy’s music production abilities have been acknowledged and appreciated.

Andy May & CurtisMcPeake at Mainframe Studio
Andy & Curtis, Mainframe Studio, Nashville, TN

Thanks to producer Andy May for doing this up right—it should bring McPeake some of the credit he deserves as one of the top Scruggs-style banjo pickers for over 40 years now.

Dave Freeman, County Sales Newsletter: Curtis McPeake – The View from McPeake, Produced by Andy May

What to Expect from an Andy May Production

Two fundamental considerations in creating a studio project that is successful on all levels are quality control and cost control. Andy’s skill and experience in the studio both as a musician and as a producer give him the perspective and ability needed to balance these requirements, as well as manage the myriad details that must be considered in a successful recording project.

Mainframe Studio, Nashville, TN.

Every production project Andy takes on gets his personal attention. He:

  • Gets to know the artist’s strengths and style, as well as their goals for this particular project.
  • Helps select material, focusing on songs that meet both the client’s needs and Andy’s standards for the final project.
  • Provides songwriting and arranging assistance, as needed.
  • Conducts “pre-studio prep sessions” with artists to make sure they are comfortable with the material and know what they will need to do during recording sessions.
  • Provides feedback if a client’s goals are not viable for any of a number of reasons (which may include budget, timeline, or the artist’s readiness). In these cases, he lets the client know what the limitations are and helps them work out the best way to proceed, given the constraints.
  • Ensures that the musicians he hires for recording sessions are the best possible fit for the artist and the specific project.
  • Makes efficient use of important (and expensive) studio time.
  • Provides quality control
  • Provides cost control.

If you are interested having Andy produce your studio project, please

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