Andy May - guitar - close-up

Cambridge, MA

A friend and I loaded up a truck and moved our stuff to Cambridge, MA. Cambridge had a reputation as a more laid back music town than New York, and a place where great music was also happening. My buddy, Rick Lee, had wanted me to move there for some time. …I played music gigs at night and on weekends and worked many different jobs during the days…. ⇨ Read more


Andy’s relaxed, common-sense approach to teaching is rooted in his background in developmental learning and his interest in creative problem-solving. As a professional musician and a teacher. He has performed thousands of shows, taught many hundreds of people to play guitar or mandolin, and instructed extensively in the areas of performance and visual art. ⇨ Read more

Dance of Life CD Cover (Andy May)

“Bluegrass Unlimited:” “Dance of Life” by Andy May

…A beautiful, timeless sound. Andy’s light, bright mandolin picking sets the lead…, (and) it’s hard to hold your seat as Andy and the boys beckon you to get up and dance. “Dance of Life” is a light, enjoyable frolic through traditional mandolin standards. The musicianship is high, the original works strong and the [CD] is really a lot of fun.
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