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Andy enjoys wearing many hats!


Andy combines mastery on guitar and mandolin and his trademark creativity, humor, and optimism as a songsmith in presenting his original songs. His deep-rooted music brings together a variety of styles: old-time and contemporary country music, new adult acoustic music, blues, bluegrass, gospel, and good ol’ rock-and-roll. His shows are always uplifting and rewarding. [read more]

Workshop presenter

Creating and presenting workshops, seminars, and classes brings together two of Andy’s passions: music and arts education. He has an easygoing, common sense approach to teaching that’s rooted in his background in developmental learning and his interest in creative problem solving. He believes that within each person there lies the possibility of positive creative expression. He creates a supportive learning environment and gives folks access to the tools they need to explore their creative paths. [read more]

Double-duty: Musician & Educator

In a festival, school, or community event setting, Andy contributes on many levels:

  • as a singer/songwriter with a uniquely thoughtful and positive spin
  • as a band leader who puts together top-notch groups to back him on his original material or in a variety of traditional musical styles—depending on the venue’s needs
  • as a workshop leader with the background, skills, and enthusiasm needed to share his talents and to support and inspire others in developing their own
  • as a youth mentor, providing non-competitive performance opportunities for young musicians, dancers, and story-tellers with his beloved Acoustic Ki♪s showcases


In the recording studio, Andy brings together a lifetime of listening to and analyzing recorded music, playing music, leading bands, and writing music. He honed his production skills on his own recording projects, and he gives his production clients the same care and attention to detail he gives his own. Two fundamental considerations in creating a studio project that is successful on all levels are quality control and cost control. Andy’s skill and experience in the studio both as a musician and as a producer give him the perspective and ability needed to balance these requirements, as well as manage the myriad details that must be considered in a successful recording project. [read more]

Songsmith & Recording Artist

Andy has released 7 CDs of mostly original music on the Swift River Music label. You can read (and hear!) more about them in the Music section. His eighth CD, The Good Things (Outweigh the Bad), is a joint release with banjo legend Curtis McPeake. This project contains McPeake & May arrangements of classic old-time/bluegrass songs and one Andy and Lauren May original. 

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