Andy May - Room for Roots

My Small Town

©Andy May, Lauren LeCroy May, Brycen Fast (Swift River Music/BMI)

Behind the Song

Andy: What a gift it is when you find yourself in a good place among good people.

LaurenBrycen came to us with the idea for this song and a start on the lyric. I loved where he was coming from, and worked on it over a period of time. The song didn’t make it on to Brycen’s CD, Flyin’ Fast, but Andy put it on his 2016 release, Room for Roots, the title of which is actually from a line in this song!




My Small Town
©Andy May, Lauren LeCroy May, Brycen Fast (Swift River Music/BMI)

Life moves slow in my small town
But that’s all right with me
What’s the hurry, I’ve already found
There’s no place I’d rather be
It’s a sane pace, don’t need the rat race
Keepin’ me runnin’ till my heart breaks

You might think there’s nothing to do
In a little town like mine
But city attractions are only distractions
And I don’t have the time
There’s room for roots in my small town
And there’s time for family
Way out in the country, with the ones I love around me
I can be who I want to be

The country folks in my small town
Are the salt of the Earth
The kind of neighbors it’s good to have around
Can’t put a price on what that’s worth
And peace of mind is not so hard to find
In this little country town of mine


I used to hear the highway call
“That little town will keep you small”
But that’s not true at all