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Feisty Music Camp Debut at the Walnut Valley Festival

In 2018, Walnut Valley Festival launched Feisty Music Camp, offering music-centered activities for youth in the campground. Led by the talented duo of Erin Mae Lewis and Peter Lague, the two-day event gave children the chance to take part in 30-minute sessions of hands-on, music-related crafts, workshops and concerts.

Walnut Valley Festival has always prided itself on being a family-friendly festival. Andy May’s Acoustic Kids have been a popular part of our on-stage programing, and we think this camp will be a nice complement to Andy’s efforts,” said WVA media director Rex Flottman. “And of course, we are very lucky to have two people who have been to our festival many times and expressed an interest in starting this project.   –Walnut Valley Festival

The inaugural camp was a great success, with more than 100 kids participating – many taking part in an entire afternoon’s worth of activities. Andy May brought in some of his Acoustic Kids, who were inspiring to young and old alike. Other favorites with the kids included Aaron Fowler’s songwriting workshop, folk dancing, and the multiple chances to get hands on with various instruments. Oh, and being squirted with water by Peter (you might have noticed it was HOT on Friday and Saturday this year). Peter also led work on a mural devoted to the camp.

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2018 Feisty Music Camp

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