“Bluegrass Now:” “The View From McPeake” by Curtis McPeake

Curtis McPeake’s professional music career spans more than four decades and includes performances with such notables as: Wilma Lee & Stony Cooper, George Jones and Melba Montgomery, and Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass. The View From Mc Peake could have been recorded only by someone who has experienced a long and illustrious career. The collection of traditional bluegrass instrumentals contained on this project illustrate the reason for Curtis’ popularity and successful career.

This CD was recorded, interestingly enough, in one session. Curtis wanted the CD to capture the energy of a live performance and the results certainly give one that feeling. The musicians were all in one room taking their cues from Curtis, and the resulting sound is relaxed and flowing with the appeal of a live performance.

Other musicians on the project include Charlie Cushman (guitar), Aubrey Haynie (fiddle), Dave Harvey (mandolin), and Dennis Crouch (bass). The songs include four McPeake originals, old favorites such as A.P. Carter’s “Gathering Flowers”, and the Monroe classic, “I’m Going Back to Old Kentucky.”

The View From McPeake will be well received by lovers of traditional bluegrass music. The original material, while unfamiliar, is performed in the traditional bluegrass style which most bluegrass fans will enjoy. Banjo pickers especially will enjoy this CD, as Curtis McPeake is certainly one of the masters of the five-string.  

JP, Bluegrass Now (Reprinted with permission)

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