Andy May – “Retroflections”


Andy and his instrumentalist wizard band-mates shine on this collection of original songs from Andy’s road warrior years. Before there was a name for Americana Music, they were making it– and here it is!

Andy May: “Retroflections” Great Vocals, Savvy Production and Earthy Guitar Work. One of the best alt-country or Americana records in years. …This guy is great. …A breath of fresh air. … Tremendous songwriting, …great guitar picking…!  More→ – The Indie Music Magazine and Radio Network

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Retroflect:  (v.) 1. To turn or bend back on itself.  2. To think about, or reflect on, past events and the times that shaped them.

What a joy it’s been to go back and put together the recordings for this project – to revisit the times, the songs, and the music! I was fortunate to have been able to make and record this music and to work with the wonderful musicians and engineers on these tracks. – Andy


All tracks:

Andy May:  Vocal, Acoustic guitar Re-mastering: Nathan Smith, Engineer, Mainframe Recording Studio, Nashville, TN

Original Recordings:

  • Jim Weeks, Engineer, Downtown Sound, Northampton, MA
  • Ron Scalise, Engineer, The 19, South Glastenberry, CT, c.1980.
  • Randy Miotke, Engineer, Eye in the Sky Studio, LaPorte, CO

Archive Engineer: Mike Poston, Nashville, TN.


Drums: Tim Griffin Bass: Rudi Weeks, Roger Mason Piano: Jeff Potter,Rick Lee Harmonica: Jeff Potter Electric guitar: Joe Belmont, Rick King, Andy May (backup) Keyboards: Jim Weeks, Rick Lee, Randy Miotke Pedal & lap steel guitars: Jim Heffernan Fiddle, Strings: Kenny Kosek Percussion: Randy Miotke “Click Sticks”: Paul Wickliffe Hammond organ, Kenny Kosek Banjo: Jim Heffernan Background vocals: Andy May, Joanie Keller


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