“Endless Possibilities” – Andy May

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“…Every day presents me endless possibilities 
for music, sweet music…”

Andy, Congratulations! I put your CD on tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. “Endless Possibilities” sort of sums it up. How lucky we have been to have music in our lives — all the places it has taken us, all the friends we have made. I like the artwork too. It seemed to suit. As Bill Monroe would have said, “I hope this record does you some good.” There’s a lot of good to be gotten out of it. —Jim Rooney

Endless Possibilities, Andy’s latest CD, is a collection of thirteen original songs — it’s quintessential Andy May.

For Endless Possibilities, Andy dug down into his songwriting catalog for some old tunes, like Noah and Curtains Made of Rain and added them to a bunch of newer pieces and songs, like Old Dog and So-‘n’-So,  written with his wife, Lauren LeCroy May. Joining Andy on these tracks are some truly great players—some of the finest on the planet— including legendary pedal steel guitarist, Hal Rugg, to whose memory the CD is dedicated.

The songs and the music on Endless Possibilities reflect Andy’s varied life and musical experiences. The project even sports variations on a theme from one of Andy’s paintings from the 1960’s as its cover art. But Endless Possibilities isn’t just some introspective walk down memory lane. The songs feel both current and classic, and the project takes you back but leaves you looking forward. As Andy sings in the title track, “Today is like some new and shiny instrument just waiting to be played!”

So how would one describe this CD? It’s country. It’s folk. It’s contemporary. It’s old-timey. It rocks, it soothes it aches, it rejoices. It’s Andy May’s music and there are, truly, endless possibilities!


  1. Endless Possibilities (A May)   3:52
  2. So-‘n’So (L May, A May)   2:25
  3. Leaving Limbo (A May) 3:54
  4. Maybe I’m in Love (L May, A May)   2:20
  5. Curtains Made of Rain (A May)   3:40
  6. A Very Happy Birthday (A May)   3:08
  7. Old Dog (L May, A May)   3:55
  8. Sore Spot (L May, A May)   3:17
  9. Noah (A May)   4:38
  10. Sad & Lonesome Day (A May)   2:59
  11. This Love Song (A May)   4:16
  12. Daddy’s Girl (L May, A May)   3:58
  13. Don’t Lose Heart (R Bromley, L May, A May)   4:37


Produced by Andy May

Andy May:  vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, Spanish resophonic guitar, bass, keyboards

Todd Cook:  bass
Dennis Crouch:  bass
Craig Fletcher:  Dobro, fiddle
John Gardner:  drums
Buddy Greene:  harmonica
Jim Heffernan: resophonic guitar
Kenny Kosek:  fiddle
Rick Lee:  piano, organ, keyboards
Kenny Malone:  percussion
Henry May:  slide guitar
Rodger Morris:  piano, organ, keyboards
Hal Rugg:  pedal steel, Dobro
Bill Shaw:  conch shell
Nathan Smith:  drums
Jeff Taylor:  accordion, piano
Dow Tomlin:  bass

Artwork: Andy May
Design: Lauren LeCroy May & Andy May
Layout: Lauren LeCroy May

Recorded and mixed at Mainframe Recording Studio, Nashville TN– Nathan Smith, engineer. Additional recording: Eye in the Sky, LaPorte, CO– Randy Miotke, engineer, & Swift River Music Studio, Gladeville, TN– Andy May, Engineer

All songs (c)(p) Swift River Music (BMI)
All rights reserved.

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