Andy May – “Café Americana”

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Andy May’s grasp of what makes good listening is impeccable. His warm and mellow voice invites the listener to relax and let the music move around the edges of consciousness. He …cuts to the heart of a concept and brings it to life in song. With samplings of bluegrass, country, folk and acoustic swing styles that evoke many nuances of emotion, [“Cafe’ Americana”] is a great album for any collection.  – “The Walnut Valley Occasional,” Winfield, KS   [Read full review]

Andy May dishes up comfort food for the soul with his 2005 release, Café Americana. Containing 14 new original songs, Café Americana continues Andy’s tradition of CDs packed with enjoyable songs that have depth, heart, and (often) a sense of humor, and are presented with excellent musicianship and beautiful, clean production. Solidly Americana, this CD lays out a smorgasbord of country, bluegrass, and folk-flavored acoustic treats cooked up and served by a seasoned performer and his five-star band.

Dig in!


1. It’s a Brand New Day  Credits 

2. Old Pain  Credits 

3. Somewhere Else  Credits 

4. No Alcoholic Dogs (or Beverages Allowed)  Credits 

5. If She’d Never Been to Boulder  Credits 

6. Comin’ ‘Round  Credits 

7. Lord, I’m Gonna Find a Way  Credits 

8. Rainbow  Credits 

9. Little Evangeline  Credits 

10. Umbrella  Credits 

11. I Want to See My Master Smiling  Credits 

12. Love Starts Here  Credits 

13. I Like to Be with You  Credits 

14. Diamond in the Dew  Credits

Project Credits:

Andy May: Vocal, Guitar

Banjo: Curtis McPeake, Charlie Cushman, Dave Talbot
Bass: Dennis Crouch
Dobro, Pedal Steel, Spanish Dobro: Jim Heffernan
Fiddle: Kenny Kosek, Eric Levine
Percussion: Kenny Malone
Piano/keyboards: Rodger Morris, Rick Lee
Organ: Rick Lee
Strings: Jonathan Yudkin
Background vocals: Brittany Allyn, Alan Morrell, Darrin Vincent, Dennis Parker
Bass Vocal: Curtis McPeake

Produced by Andy May 

Engineered and recorded by Nathan Smith, Mainframe Recording Studio, Nashville, TN

Additional recording by Randy Miotke, Eye in the Sky Studio, LaPorte, CO

Mastered by Eric Wolf, Wolf Mastering, Nashville, TN

Photos by Walter LeCroy

Cover art, layout and design by Karen Cannon

Project Coordinator: Lauren May

Special thanks to Our Place Family Restaurant, Mount Juliet, TN


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