Dance of Life CD Cover (Andy May)

Curtis McPeake: “Dance of Life” by Andy May

Andy May …is a great …record producer, … a fine singer, and a multi-talented musician. The songs and tunes compiled in this recording are truly varied from early Irish jigs to early American songs. …This is a great recording by a bunch of great artists. You will like it!! ⇨ Read more

Andy May - Blackberry Jam - Cover art

“Bluegrass Now:” “Blackberry Jam” by Andy May

…I thoroughly enjoyed this fine CD. The music is all original, well written, and fresh. Andy’s vocals are clear and clean and he is an excellent guitar player as well. One cut, “Little Bird,” I especially enjoyed features Andy playing some fine finger-style guitar with a banjo-like roll. “Blackberry Jam” is compelling, fresh music. ⇨ Read more

Andy May - Cafe' Americana

Walnut Valley Festival program on Andy May, “Café Americana”

Andy May’s grasp of what makes good listening is impeccable. Café Americana …is a great album for any collection. The CD begins with “It’s a Brand New Day” (which I’ve got programmed to play when my alarm goes off). […] It awakens a sense of the day’s possibilities. — Walnut Valley Festival program
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Andy May - Blackberry Jam - Cover art

Walnut Valley Festival: ‘Blackberry Jam” by Andy May

Andy May … has a graceful baritone and an easygoing manner. But make no mistake. The man appreciates bluegrass, and he proves it …on the new CD “Blackberry Jam.“…In addition to the bluegrass celebrations, Andy May and co-writer Lauren May mix healthy doses of the introspective and the inspirational. …Rounding out the release are some lighthearted songs, including the honkytonk shouter “I Think I’ll Move” and the wry diner ballad “Stan”. ⇨ Read more

“Bluegrass Now:” “The View From McPeake” by Curtis McPeake

The View From McPeake  could have been recorded only by someone who has experienced a long and illustrious career. The collection of traditional bluegrass instrumentals contained on this project illustrate the reason for Curtis’ popularity and successful career.

The View From McPeake will be well received by lovers of traditional bluegrass music. The original material, while unfamiliar, is performed in the traditional bluegrass style which most bluegrass fans will enjoy. Banjo pickers especially will enjoy this CD, as Curtis McPeake is certainly one of the masters of the five-string.  –JP, Bluegrass Now ⇨ Read more

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