Bridge Guitar: “Second Wind” by Bill Mulroney

Being a professional for more than 20 years this singer/guitarist started in 2001 again with writing new compositions after a period of not being so active. Bill formed a band again and his music is inspired it seems by fine songwriters like for instance James Taylor and his voice reminds one too to this fantastic musician, although Bill has a lower range. Bill plays the acoustic guitar himself and Danny Parks plays extremely well on the electric guitar. His first piece “Something Phil Dirt Said” could be written by Phil Spector or can be an ode to him. Bill has an intimate voice which is stylistic with a romantic touch. “Young Aladdin” has a beautiful melody performed with the intimate sounding guitars. “Angela Dawson” is certainly a winner for the brilliant harmonics and the soulful songwriting skills. An uplifting song is “Cinderella Women” with Danny Parks doing an excellent job on his guitar which has a sublime drive in it, while Bill sings moody lyrics. “The Man You Used to Be” is a story about the destructive effects of alcoholism. Yes, “Ravens’ Fan” is a pure rock song which lifts ones feet of the floor. One can say that Bill Mulroney knows to impress on this album, which is well-balanced, intimate, romantic and rocking at the right moments. Highly recommended.

– Henk te Veldhuis, Bridge Guitar Reviews

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