Rick Lee – The Passing of a Friend

August 27, 2014

With the passing of Rick Lee this week, I have lost a great friend, and our world has lost a great singer, player, and advocate for the power and beauty of music in life. His musical genius informed and influenced me since we first met in the 1960’s. We were buddies, jammers, hikers, carousers, band mates, and collaborators on so many musical projects. I produced three albums of his amazing music for Swift River Music and Waterbug Records, and he contributed his keyboard skills to five of my Swift River Music albums and one currently in production. There is a big hole in my life that the passing of “Uncle Rick” has left behind.

Rest in peace, Rick.



A lovely tribute to Rick

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  1. Oh, what a musical light has left us. Our world is both larger and smaller for his sake.

  2. thank you, andy, for remembering rick to us.

    today, a friend asked what kind of music you do.

    gentle, i said.

    for gentling us, andyrick, thank you.


    uncle maurice

  3. Thank you, Andy, for this wonderfully tender remembrance of rick. He was always at “one” with any instrument he played… Rest in peace, rick, on the notes of all the beautiful music you shared with us and thank you for touching our souls and for loving us all. Cheryl and Jerry

  4. Thank you for posting this beautiful piece of music…Rick was such a sensitive player ….