Walnut Valley Festival on Andy May, “MaySongs”

Andy May-MaySongs CD Cover

“MaySongs,” the album notes say, is a compilation of “the kernels of living…winnowed out of…the last 15 years.” Here in one convenient CD is Andy May with a plethora of pickin’ pals taking full advantage of studio music-making magic. Andy even does some of his own “background vocals.” Taking tracks from many different sources to create this CD, Andy has created a best-of-Andy May recording.

And best it is. “MaySongs” reflects the spirit of this troubadour of life. The album is easy listening country music with a kinder, gentler focus than the down and dirty themes of much mainstream country music. The life May sings of is simple, joyful, nostalgic. Among other themes, he sings of the endless road (“Night Drive,” “Travelers”), connecting with true love (“Easy Street,” “Sight for Sore Eyes,” “Raise My Voice”), and nostalgia for places past (“Quabbin Moon,” my favorite cut).

This patchwork quilt of Andy’s writing skills would be a pleasant addition to the music library for May fans, but more importantly, it could serve as an excellent introduction to his music for those who have not had the “May experience.”

—  Walnut Valley Festival program
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