Walnut Valley Festival: “Endless Possibilities” by Andy May

The newest recording released from Andy May is titled “Endless Possibilities.” The back cover of “Endless Possibilities” explains that — “It’s country. It’s folk. It’s contemporary, it’s old-timey. It rocks, it soothes, it aches, it rejoices.”

There is really not a better way to describe this CD; it contains a wide variety of styles about all of them listed on the cover. The project is made up of 13 tracks, all with very nice vocals by Andy and top notch instrumentation also by Andy as well as a cast including some of Nashville’s first call musicians: Buddy Greene, Kenny Malone, Jeff Taylor, Dennis Crouch and the late Hal Rugg, just to name a few.

Besides being a performer, Andy May’s talent as a songsmith is quite evident here. Another pleasant surprise to be found are the number of collaborations in the songwriting category between Andy and his wife, Lauren May. One such piece that will work on the strings of your heart is “Old Dog,” a touching journey through the years in the life of man’s (and woman’s) best friends. If you’ve ever shared your life with a special dog I guarantee this one will take you back in time. It may even draw a tear to your eyes.

My favorite of all the tracks has to be the title cut, “Endless Possibilities.” Written by Andy from inspiration brought on when a friend loaned him a 1950’s vintage Gibson J-50 guitar to play. The song is as smooth as a gentle summer breeze.

The entire album is worthy of your consideration, and while some of the songs may be biographical for Andy, we can all connect to the songs in one way or another, but as the back cover continues — “It’s Andy May’s music, and there are endless possibilities.”

Rex Flottman, Walnut Valley Festival (Winfield) program
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