Andy's Notes - An Intermittent Article Series

An Evening to Remember Allan Block- Jalopy Theatre – NYC

by Andy May

The Jalopy Theatre NYC, November 30, 2014

Andy May at the Allan Block Memorial, Jalopy Theatre, NY
Photo: Jack Hirschorn

What a wonderful event to celebrate the life of Allan Block – a great old time fiddler, poet, craftsman and friend at the Jalopy Theatre. Thank you, Rory Block, for putting it together and including me on the concert lineup. The audience was wonderful and it was an honor to appear with the great guests on the bill. A highlight was connecting once again with John Cohen, photographer, musician, and founding member of the New Lost City Ramblers.

Andy May & Kenny Kosek, Jalopy Theatre, NYC
Photo: Jack Hirschorn

Another high point of the event was that I got to perform and hang out with my buddy Kenny Kosek. Allan was an inspiration and friend to us both when we were bright eyed kids, eager to play music with our heroes. 

I know Allan would have loved the show!

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