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August 10, 2019 – Copper Mountain, Colorado  (map)  

  • Showcase: 6-8 p.m. – West Lake Stage
  • Ambassadors show: Time TBA – Main Stage

Acoustic Kids, which was born in 1990 at the Midwinter Bluegrass Festival in Fort Collins, returned to Colorado in 2015 for Guitar Town at Copper Mountain. Back now for our fourth year, Acoustic Kids – Guitar Town 2018 will be a great chance for festival-goers to see some up-and-coming young guitar players from the region in addition to the legendary players the festival brings in every year.

The main Acoustic Kids Showcase will be held Saturday, August 10 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on the West Lake Stage. Registration is March 15 – July 15. or until the showcase is full, whichever comes first. (Please check the Registration Instructions for details.)

In 2016, we introduced our Acoustic Kids Ambassadors to the Guitar Town audience. A spin-off of the regular Acoustic Kids Showcases, the main stage Acoustic Kids Ambassadors show allows us to give young emerging artists a spotlight as they represent the Acoustic Kids program to a broader audience. In 2017, the Acoustic Kids Ambassadors opened the Main Stage on Saturday! These young professionals left no room for doubt that, “the music is in good handsTM,” and Ambassadors will once again open the main stage in 2018.

Acoustic Kids Ambassadors are chosen from among the Acoustic Kids Showcase participants. Register here

  • Our Guitar Town showcase is a little different from our other showcases in that, in keeping with the focus of the festival, we feature guitar players. If there is room in the showcase, we will be happy to include players of other instruments. Please do submit a registration form if you play another instrument and would like to participate.
  • The registration period is March 15 – July 15. – or until the showcase is full, whichever comes first.
  • Demos of up to three pieces are a required part of the registration. These may be submitted via URLs for online video (YouTube, Facebook, etc. – preferred method), on CD or DVD, via the online registration form, or via and similar sites.
  • Full instructions and FAQ

Acoustic Kids Ambassadors

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