Acoustic Kids Ambassadors Program Comes to Copper Mountain and Winfield

Acoustic Kids Ambassadors LogoThe Acoustic Kids Ambassadors (a.k.a., “AKA”), debuted at MerleFest in 2014. This year, both Guitar Town and the Walnut Valley Festival have added this extension of the Acoustic Kids program, and we couldn’t be happier!

The idea behind AKA is to provide the most advanced musicians from the regular Acoustic Kids Showcases with a chance to play for the larger festival audience on a main stage at a peak time of day, to put together a fast-paced showcase of highly-accomplished young musicians providing some fabulous entertainment, and to introduce a larger audience to the Acoustic Kids program. (Meet the 2016 MerleFest Acoustic Kids Ambassadors.)

True to the Acoustic Kids m.o., the Ambassadors’ set will be a bit different at each festival. At MerleFest, it serves as a finale for our program at the festival: It takes place on the Cabin Stage for the main festival audience in the late afternoon on Saturday. (We have a the videos from the past three years’ AKA MerleFest sets up on YouTube, if you’d like to check it out.) At Guitar Town, our Ambassadors will have cameo appearances on the Guitar Center Stage during some of the Main Stage set changes on Saturday. And, at the Walnut Valley Festival, our Ambassadors will kick things off late Thursday afternoon on Stage 2, whetting the appetite of the festival audience for the regular AK Showcases on Friday and Saturday mornings. (Look for some surprise guests in this one!)

We thank all three festivals for continuing to support our Acoustic Kids and embracing the Ambassadors program with such enthusiasm. It’s gonna be great!