Circle with musical notes in blues, green, and black on edge and text: Andy May's Acoustic Kids Showcases(TM)

Create your profile in the Acoustic Kids Alumni Directory

For our 30th anniversary in 2019, we’ve started a directory of all our Acoustic Kids Alumni. If you ever performed in Acoustic Kids at any venue, we’d love to include you!

We expect it will take some time to build this list, but we also expect it will be a lot of fun to watch it grow. We hope to catch up with some of our old friends who’ve come through the program and see what they’re up to now, but we also hope that it helps strengthen the Acoustic Kids network by making it easier for our alumni to stay in touch and easier for their friends and fans from their Acoustic Kids days to reconnect. And, we hope that it will become a resource for festivals and other venues looking to hire young talent.