Andy and engineer Nathan Smith at Mainframe Recording Studio, Nashville.

Andy has produced a wide range of music for over 40 years — music for album projects, for network T.V., for artist, publisher, and corporate demos and videos. He works in many genres: country, alt rock, singer/songwriter, bluegrass, Americana, folk, western, sacred, among others.

Thanks to producer Andy May for doing this up right-it should bring McPeake some of the credit he deserves as one of the top Scruggs-style banjo pickers for over 40 years now. — Dave Freeman, “County Sales Newsletter;” Curtis McPeake, “The View from McPeake”: Produced by Andy May


Andy as Producer: Experience and attention to detail

He listens In the course of setting up a project, Andy works with the client to develop an understanding of the client’s vision for the project. He gets to know the artist’s strengths and style, and the flavor the client wants for this particular project. He helps select material, choosing songs that meet both the client’s needs and Andy’s own high standards. For clients who need a band for their project, Andy tailors the band he hires to be the best possible fit for the artist and the specific project. Every project Andy produces gets this same level of individual attention.

He knows the ropes: Two fundamental considerations in creating a studio project that is successful on all levels are quality control and cost control. Andy’s skill and experience in the studio both as a musician and as a producer give him the perspective and ability needed to balance these requirements, as well as manage the myriad details that must be considered in a successful recording project.

I learned how to produce recordings because I’m crazy about music!  ~Andy

He guides: While Andy works to incorporate the client’s vision of the product into the planning, sometimes a client’s goals are not viable given the budget, the artist’s readiness, or any number of other factors. In these cases, he lets the client know what the limitations are, and he helps them work out the necessary compromises based on what’s practical.

He supports: If needed, he works with the artists in “pre-studio prep sessions” to make sure they are comfortable with the material and know what they will need to do during the recording sessions. Doing this prep work saves money in the long run, by allowing the most efficient use of important studio time.

He delivers: From the warm appreciation of his clients to recognition by his peers in the music industry, Andy’s music production abilities have been acknowledged and appreciated through the years. One highlight came in 2008, when Andy & his Swift River Music record label won the IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) Recorded Event of the Year award for the album, Everett Lilly & Everybody and Their Brother. The project had come to Andy the year before with a compelling story behind it. Andy had admired Everett, a master mandolinist and bluegrass legend, for many years. Believing in the project, he dived in with post-production polishing, while Lauren took on the liner notes and artwork.

Andy produces selected projects. If you are interested in working with him, please contact him here.

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Brilliant CD!! Material, performance, production, package.... Fabulous. --Rick Lee on Endless Possibilities by Andy May
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My thanks go out to Andy, and my admiration, for putting words together in such a powerful way. …MaySongs shows the pure musical dedication and caring Andy May lends to everything he does.  --Eric Nagler: Eric's World, The Elephant Show on MaySongs by Andy May
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I love your new album! Well written. Well sung. Solid heartfelt songs. Well played and well produced! I'm recommending it every chance I get! ... Well done my old friend!   --Gary McMahan on Room for Roots by Andy May
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