Andy May - Room for Roots

Haggard and the Queen

©Andy May (Swift River Music/BMI)

Andy: This song is a short chapter in my book of true road stories, dedicated to my late friend and band-mate, Tabby Crabb. Tabby and I opened for Merle Haggard and The Strangers – with Leona Williams and Bonnie Owens – in 1978. About that time, we also played a private event held for Kitty Wells, “The Queen of Country Music” and her husband, Johnnie Wright. I am glad to have been a little part of all of that!  (… more, credits, lyrics)

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The Andy May – Texas Tabby Crabb Band

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Andy May-Texas Tabby Crabb - (29)

Andy May-Texas Tabby Crabb Band: Andy, “Chopper” Chodorow, Bill Holloway, and Tabby. 1977.

By the time we started The Andy May – Texas Tabby Crabb Band in 1977, Tabby and I both had years of experience in different commercial music scenes. We knew enough to realize the hard work and luck that it would take to make a living wage from a band. And it did.

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