2015 - Andy May - Jeremy Shearer - Walnut Valley Festival

Photos: 2015 Walnut Valley Festival – Andy’s Sets

2015 - Andy May - Jeremy Shearer - Walnut Valley Festival

Andy & Jeremy on Stage 3

As a rule, Andy wears many hats at the Walnut Valley Festival. Wednesday, he kicked things off with an all-day Performance Skills workshop, moving on to performing and emceeing (if that can be a verb!) on Thursday, and Acoustic Kids Showcases- with Andy May and more …read post

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"Room for Roots" - Session 1

Studio Session: “Room for Roots”

Nashville, TN, September 11, 2013The first recording session for what would become Andy’s 2016 CD, “Room for Roots.” Present: Andy May, Kenny Malone (percussion), Jim Rooney (guitar), Jeremy Shearer (bass), and Nathan Smith (engineer).

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Walnut Valley Festival, 2019 – Winfield, KS

September 19-21, 2019 For the 29th year running, Andy will be returning to the Walnut Valley Festival this September as a performer and as host of his Acoustic Kids Showcases. He will have a busy time at the festival, with 4.5 hours of stage time for Acoustic Kids, three sets of his own, and appearances at Feisty Music Camp for…

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Andy May-Room for Roots-Release Party-Station Inn

Photos: “Room for Roots” Release Party at the Station Inn

Station Inn, Nashville, TN. September 1, 2016.  Official release party for Andy’s 2016 CD, Room for RootsIt was a great night with a cast of thousands: Andy on guitar(s), Maura O’Connell, Jennifer O’Brien, Odessa Settles, and Nellen Dryden on vocals, Tony Paoletta on pedal steel, Kenny Malone on percussion…

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Andy May - Room for Roots

Same Ol’ Blues

©Andy May, (Swift River Music/BMI)

Behind the Song

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(See credits, lyrics…)

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