Andy May: "Endless Possibilities" Cover art

“Endless Possibilities” – Andy May

Endless Possibilities, Andy’s latest CD, is a collection of thirteen original songs — it’s quintessential Andy May.

For Endless Possibilities, Andy dug down into his songwriting catalog for some old tunes, like Noah and Curtains Made of Rain and added them to a bunch of newer pieces and songs, like Old Dog and So-‘n’-So,  written with his wife, Lauren LeCroy May. Joining Andy on these tracks are some truly great players—some of the finest on the planet— including legendary pedal steel guitarist, Hal Rugg, to whose memory the CD is dedicated.


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Andy has taught instrument, performance, and songwriting workshops at the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Walnut Valley Festival (“Winfield”), MerleFest, Augusta Heritage Center, Vanderbilt University, and in schools in eight states as Artist-in-Residence. He’s been teaching guitar and mandolin for over 50 years and has taught many hundreds of people of all ages how to play. He particularly enjoys teaching beginning and intermediate players and giving them the framework they need to become successful players. Some of Andy’s most popular offerings are listed below– he has led workshops on many other topics as well. He always tailors his workshops to the venue’s needs. [More about Andy as Educator] ⇨ Read more

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