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David Sokol, WRSI: “Room for Roots” by Andy May

There are plenty of fine songs on 2016’s “Room for Roots,” and “Haggard and the Queen” feels like a natural for our Sokol Heroes radio show on WRSI, focusing on artists with roots and connections to Western MA. It’s catchy, heartfelt, and tells an engaging true story…. David Sokol on Room for Roots by Andy May

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David Sokol on Andy May

(Andy May’s) distinct style of writing and performing– with a mixture of warmth, sensitivity and good nature– bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary American music with purity and exuberance.

–David Sokol, Editor, “Disney Magazine”


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Intro: Veteran singer/songwriter and champion guitarist Andy May infuses his songwriting and shows with his trademark creativity, humor, and consummate musicianship. “His distinct style of writing and performing …bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary American music with purity and exuberance.”  (David Sokol, WRSI-FM) In addition to touring on his own, Andy toured with MerleFest on the Road in winter…

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Andy May @ MerleFest - 2018


Guitarist, singer-songwriter, mandolinist, producer, and educator, Andy May started performing seriously in his teens, immersed in and part of the ‘60s’ folk music revival in New York’s Greenwich Village. His credentials include playing Carnegie Hall, a Grand Championship on guitar from Union Grove, NC, and an IBMA Award garnered by his own record label, Swift River Music. Andy created his beloved Acoustic Kids Showcases to mentor young musicians, providing many hundreds with performance opportunities at major music festivals over the course of nearly three decades

May’s 2016 album, Room for Roots, and his song, Woman in the Wings, made Roots Music Report’s 2016 and 2017 “Top Americana Country” chart for Album and Song, respectively. His most recent album, a bluegrass/old-time project with 5-string banjo legend, Curtis McPeake, came out in March of 2018. (McPeake subsequently received the IBMA’s Distinguished Achievement Award honoring his accomplishments during his seven decades in the music business.)

Andy will be performing extensively in 2018, including playing MerleFest, the Walnut Valley Festival (“Winfield”), The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Station Inn, and Copper Mountain Music Festival. He is honored to have been chosen as the only solo artist representing MerleFest in the 2018 MeleFest on the Road tour.
Andy grew up loving music. As a kid in New York City he sought out the great folk, bluegrass, country, rock and blues artists of his time… just to hear them play and learn from them. He started performing seriously himself in his teens and has continued for over forty years. He’s pretty much played them all…the concert stages, the coffee houses and honky-tonks, internationally known festivals, schools, colleges– and even Carnegie Hall! He’s performed as a soloist, as a band member, and as a band leader.

My goal has always been to connect with an audience and to give them the best music and performance that I am capable of at every engagement– to share my own musical journey and provide an experience that is enriching, fun, and musically satisfying. — Andy

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The Andy May – Texas Tabby Crabb Band

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Andy May-Texas Tabby Crabb - (29)

Andy May-Texas Tabby Crabb Band: Andy, “Chopper” Chodorow, Bill Holloway, and Tabby. 1977.

By the time we started The Andy May – Texas Tabby Crabb Band in 1977, Tabby and I both had years of experience in different commercial music scenes. We knew enough to realize the hard work and luck that it would take to make a living wage from a band. And it did.

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