2015 Walnut Valley Fest Acoustic Kids-Saaturday

Photos: 2015-Walnut Valley Festival Acoustic Kids – Saturday Showcase

September 19, 2015 – Winfield, Kansas

Friday’s photos ⋅ Videos of this year’s showcases – and all previous years back to at least 1995  – at the Walnut Valley Festival are available from Legleiter Video.

Saturday morning was perfect, weather-wise. A little chilly to start, perhaps but bright & sunny and warming quickly. We had a great audience for the kids – thank you Winfield! – and they all did a fine job.

We also had a special visit from the Theory Expats in the AK Alumni portion of the show. Two members of the trio, Sadie Gustafson-Zook and Ethan Setiawan are alumni, and the third, Andrew Pauls, agreed to join them for a cameo in our showcase. The Theory Expats were main-stage entertainers at this year’s festival.

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2015 Walnut Valley Fest Acoustic Kids - Saturday

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