Photos: 2015-Walnut Valley Festival Acoustic Kids – Friday

September 18, 2015. Winfield, Kansas

Saturday’s photos ⋅ Videos of this year’s showcases – and all previous years back to at least 1995  – at the Walnut Valley Festival are available from Legleiter Video.

Friday morning got progressively windier and cloudier as the showcase went on and a storm front moved in. Some of the audience had to go batten down their campsites, but all the performers took the challenging performing conditions right in stride. Luckily, the rain didn’t start until the showcase was over, and everyone got a chance to perform everything they had prepared. We also had a special guest appearance for the Acoustic Kids Alumni portion of the show: The Vogts Sisters stopped by and sang one for us for old times’ sake. Thank You, Maggie and Abigail!

We tried out a new format at this year’s showcase: we broke it up into two “sets” so that each performer put in two appearances on stage. This way, everybody got to play to the full audience, which typically builds as the hour gets later. And, for the audience, latecomers get to see all the performers. Initial responses were very positive. If you were there, please tell us how you liked it!

Thanks to everyone who made this showcase so much fun and run so smoothly: All our performers and their families, the dedicated audience who gets up earlier than they might like to come support the kids every year, the sound crew from Pro Audio Systems, and our stage manager, Dick Powers. Clearly, we couldn’t do it without you!!

Friday showcase performers this year who have music websites or Facebook pages* are:

*If you performed this year and have a web page or website that’s not listed, please send us the link!

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2015 Walnut Valley Fest Acoustic Kids - Friday

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