2015-Guitar Town - Acoustic Kids

2015 Guitar Town at Copper Mountain Acoustic Kids – Photos

The inaugural Acoustic Kids Showcase at Guitar Town – Copper Mountain was a blast! The setting was spectacular, the weather was magnificent, the audience was enthusiastic, and the music was fantastic! Thanks to all the kids (and their parents!) who worked so hard to prepare and then came out and made the showcase such a success. We’re so proud of all “our” kids.

Also, a HUGE thank you to Guitar Center, who made a surprise announcement that they were so impressed with the performances that they’re giving a $100 Guitar Center gift certificate to each and every 2015 Copper Guitar Town Acoustic Kid! Brilliant!

Last but not least, Thank You to Guitar Town for giving us the opportunity to bring Acoustic Kids back to Colorado, where it all began 2 1/2 decades ago.

Please join us next August when Acoustic Kids will return to Guitar Town 2016!

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