1995 Video of Nickel Creek in Acoustic Kids

This video is of a very young Nickel Creek in 1995 performing in Acoustic Kids at the Walnut Valley Festival. Joining Chris Thile (mandolin), Sara Watkins (fiddle) and Sean Watkins (guitar) is Chris’ dad, Scott, on bass.

This was the third year Nickel Creek took part in the showcase – Sean had participated as a solo performer in 1992. Chris won the National Mandolin Championship at the festival in 1993 – the same year Nickel Creek debuted in Acoustic Kids – and Sean and Sara also scored high in the contests that year. (See article.) Starting in 1994, Nickel Creek was on the Walnut Valley Festival roster for several years. They continued to participate in Acoustic Kids and did a lot of back-stage mentoring of younger showcase participants during that time. Some of those younger kids, who are now adults, have told us that those visits were inspirational then and cherished memories now. Thanks, Nickel Creek!

Already consummate professionals by the time this video was made, Chris, Sean, and Sara went on to take the acoustic music world by storm. Andy gives some background as the stage crew sets the mics, then the music starts at 2:17.

Video: recorded by Legleiter Video

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