Andy May - Pat Flynn - Jeremy Shearer - Winfield, 2011

Photos: Winfield, 2011 – Pete Huttlinger Benefit

Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, KS – September, 2011

In spite of all the regular stages being closed due to a torrential thunderstorm – and a tornado watch – performers, sound crews, videographers, and the fans braved the storm and came together for the benefit set for festival favorite, Pete Huttlinger, who has had serious medical problems lately. The sound crew set us up at light speed under the equipment shed behind stage 2, and off we went! Performers included John McCutcheon, Tom Chapin, Pat Flynn, Stephen Bennett, Beppe Gambetta, Tim & Myles Thompson, Linda Tilton (signing), and Andy May with Jeremy shearer.

2011 Walnut Valley Fest. Pete Huttlinger Benefit