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Andy as Entertainer

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Andy as Songsmith

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  • Bluegrass Unlimited on McPeake & May – “The Good Things”

    “McPeake logged seventy-plus years in the music business…. His credentials are certainly well-established and his love for the music is evident on this recording. May has played with McPeake over twenty years and is a veteran singer/songwriter and champion guitarist. Together, McPeake and May have collaborated to present their versions of songs and arrangements they both love. ...

  • Gary McMahan: “Room for Roots” by Andy May

    I love your new album! Well written. Well sung. Solid heartfelt songs. Well played and well produced! I’m recommending it every chance I get! … Well done my old friend!   Gary McMahan on Room for Roots by Andy May

  • David Sokol, WRSI: “Room for Roots” by Andy May

    There are plenty of fine songs on 2016’s “Room for Roots,” and “Haggard and the Queen” feels like a natural for our Sokol Heroes radio show on WRSI, focusing on artists with roots and connections to Western MA. It’s catchy, heartfelt, and tells an engaging true story…. David ...

  • Jamsphere: “Room for Roots” by Andy May

    From the colorful images of “Life’s a Gig” to the feelings of desperation and triumph in “The Woman in the Wings” you can feel the salt of life in his songs…. Really, few active songwriters can grab a listener with small-town stories and sharply cut images like Andy May. Grab a listen to “Stone Soup ...

  • Band Camp Diaries: “Room for Roots” by Andy May

    Andy May is a driven singer and songwriter with a warm and personal approach to his rootsy blend of folk and Americana. His latest studio effort, Room For Roots immediately strikes for Andy’s gripping vocal performances: his voice sounds wise and seasoned, yet youthful and energetic, creating a beautiful dualism. I immediately feel like I ...

  • “Chesapeake Music Guide:” Second Wind” by Bill Mulroney

    The title of Bill Mulroney’s album Second Wind refers to his second attempt at the music biz, after taking a hiatus of over 22 years, and the resulting effort is one of the most pleasant new releases to come out so far this year. With a vocal style reminiscent of a young James ...

  • JamSphere.com: “Retroflections” by Andy May

    Andy May: “Retroflections” Great Vocals, Savvy Production and Earthy Guitar Work. One of the best alt-country or Americana records in years. …This guy is great. …A breath of fresh air. … Tremendous songwriting, …great guitar picking…!

    -Rick Jamm, JamSphere~ The Indie Music Magazine & Radio Network

  • Walnut Valley Festival: “Retroflections” by Andy May

    …An impressive number of well-written songs…. “Retroflections” has a folk almost pop sound that I found very enjoyable. All of the songs tell a story…. Pick up a copy of Andy May’s “Retroflections” and enjoy the journey!

    Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, KS.

  • Walnut Valley Festival: “Endless Possibilities” by Andy May

    …Top notch instrumentation …by Andy as well as a cast including some of Nashville’s first call musicians…. My favorite of all the tracks had to be the title cut, “Endless Possibilities.” …The song is as smooth as a gentle summer breeze.   Rex Flottman, Walnut Valley Festival ...

  • KRFC-FM: “Endless Possibilities” by Andy May

    …Great job. (“Endless Possibilities”) contains many of (Andy’s) best songs yet – so good that we played several songs twice. The production quality and choice of instrumentation was …first class.  –Brent Hawley, KRFC-FM, Fort Collins, CO, on Endless Possibilities by Andy May

  • Kenny Malone: Andy’s Songs
    This is real music!       —Kenny Malone
  • Rick Lee: “Endless Possibilities” by Andy May

    Brilliant CD!! Material, performance, production, package…. Fabulous. Rick Lee on Endless Possibilities by Andy May

  • “Bluegrass Now:” “Blackberry Jam” by Andy May

    …I thoroughly enjoyed this fine CD. The music is all original, well written, and fresh. Andy’s vocals are clear and clean and he is an excellent guitar player as well. One cut, “Little Bird,” I especially enjoyed features Andy playing some fine finger-style guitar with a banjo-like roll. “Blackberry Jam” is compelling, fresh music.

    — ...

  • Walnut Valley Festival program: “Café Americana” by Andy May

    Andy May’s grasp of what makes good listening is impeccable. Cafe’ Americana …is a great album for any collection. The CD begins with “It’s a Brand New Day” (which I’ve got programmed to play when my alarm goes off).  … It awakens a sense of the day’s possibilities.

    — Paul Stamper, Walnut Valley Festival program, ...

  • KAYO-FM: “Flyin’ Fast” by Brycen Fast

    Once we went on the air with , our listeners went nuts. Since the interview, we’ve been inundated with phone calls, requests, and e-mails asking about Brycen….   You’ve got a major find here…!   —Kim Taylor–Chris & Kim in the Morning, KAYO FM, Olympia, WA

    Visit the Flyin’ Fast page

  • KMPS FM: “Flyin’ Fast” by Brycen Fast

    …We had Brycen Fast come into the KMPS studio to play and sing live a few of his original songs for our listeners. The audience response was extremely favorable and we also were very impressed with what he had to offer….  RJ Phil, Producer, KMPS FM–Seattle, WA

  • Walnut Valley Festival: ‘Blackberry Jam” by Andy May

    Andy May is no high lonesome singer. He has a graceful baritone and an easygoing manner. But make no mistake. The man appreciates bluegrass, and he proves it …on the new CD “Blackberry Jam.“…In addition to the bluegrass celebrations, Andy May and co-writer Lauren May mix healthy doses of the introspective and the inspirational. …Rounding out ...

  • WPLN-FM: “Blackberry Jam” by Andy May

    These are fine songs…. A real winner.  –Dave Higgs, Bluegrass Breakdown, WPLN-FM, Nashville, TN

  • KMNT-FM: “Flyin’ Fast” by Brycen Fast

    Just a word to let you know how much we enjoy Brycen’s CD. Well written lyrics… and the way Brycen delivers the songs hold promise for a bright future. At KMNT, we’re currently playing “Lookin’ at Love” to a warm reception… “Good Buzz on Brycen.”

    —Steve Schlenker, Program Director, KMNT ...

  • Walnut Valley Festival: “MaySongs” by Andy May

    …”MaySongs” reflects the spirit of this troubadour of life. The album is easy listening country music with a kinder, gentler focus than the down and dirty themes of much mainstream country music. Walnut Valley Festival program, 1997 on MaySongs by Andy May

  • Eric Nagler: “MaySongs” by Andy May

    My thanks go out to Andy, and my admiration, for putting words together in such a powerful way. …MaySongs shows the pure musical dedication and caring Andy May lends to everything he does.  –Eric Nagler: Eric’s World, The Elephant Show on ...

  • Quote: Songs – Harry Warner

    I have always believed in the songs of Andy and Lauren May.            — Harry Warner (BMI/Nashville)

  • Rounder Records: “MaySongs” by Andy May

    I enjoyed “MaySongs.” Fun listening… all the way through.    — Ken Irwin, Rounder Records on MaySongs by Andy May

  • WSM-AM: Andy May

    is an awesome performer, singer and entertainer. He’s one of those guys who can combine country and bluegrass and folk and Americana all at the same time– and that’s an art in itself.

    –Matthew Gillian, WSM, Nashville, TN

  • Ranger Doug: MaySongs” by Andy May

    Loved MaySongs a lot! Great writing!  –Ranger Doug, Riders in the Sky, Nashville, TN – MaySongs by Andy May

  • David Sokol on Andy May

    (Andy May’s) distinct style of writing and performing– with a mixture of warmth, sensitivity and good nature– bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary American music with purity and exuberance.

    –David Sokol, Editor, “Disney Magazine”


  • WFCR, Western MA

    is a skilled story-teller. –Charlene Koh, WFCR, Public Radio for Western New England



Andy as Educator/Andy’s School Programs

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Andy’s Recordings

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Andy as Producer

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