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  • Curtis McPeake: “Dance of Life” by Andy May

    Andy May …is a great …record producer, … a fine singer and a multi-talented musician. The songs and tunes compiled in this recording are truly varied from early Irish jigs to early American songs and some that go back many years. …(The) great mandolin solos and song selections should perk up our ears no matter what age we happen to be. This is a great recording by a bunch of great artists. You will like it!! Curtis McPeake – Trailblazer Award winner, former Blue Grass Boy, banjo legend – on Dance of Life by Read full post→

  • “Bluegrass Unlimited:” “Dance of Life” by Andy May

    …A beautiful, timeless sound. Andy’s light, bright mandolin picking sets the lead…, (and) it’s hard to hold your seat as Andy and the boys beckon you to get up and dance. “Dance of Life” is a light, enjoyable frolic through traditional mandolin standards. The musicianship is high, the original works strong and the is really a lot of fun.

    Bluegrass Unlimited

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  • Walnut Valley Festival on “Dance of Life”

    Andy is joined by several stellar musicians including Kenny Kosek on fiddle, David Dick on banjo, and Rudi Weeks on most of the bass tracks. … I thoroughly enjoyed this recording…

    — Ernie and Patti Hill, Walnut Valley Festival program

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