“Room for Roots” Tour – Washington, DC, Area

September 29 – October 2, 2016

Ramping up:

September was a busy month! With the big Station Inn Room for Roots CD release concert and my performance with Kenny Malone at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum behind us, we headed out to Winfield, Kansas, and the Walnut Valley Festival. In addition to my usual whirlwind of my own sets and 

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Room for Roots - Cover

Jamsphere: “Room for Roots” by Andy May

From the colorful images of “Life’s a Gig” to the feelings of desperation and triumph in “The Woman in the Wings” you can feel the salt of life in his songs…. Really, few active songwriters can grab a listener with small-town stories and sharply cut images like Andy May. Grab a listen to “Stone Soup from Hard Times (Featuring Maura O’Connell)” or “The Harvest” and “My Small Town”. The characters in his songs are everybody’s friends, neighbors and relatives. The production and engineering are exceptional as is the musicianship of everyone involved. Andy deftly employs just the right combination of words against the backing of solid Americana-folk to paint pictures of tricky relationships, the power of nostalgia, the experience of growing set in one’s ways, and lessons learned the hard way. Rick Jamm, JamSphere, The Indie Music Magazine & Radio Network , on Room for Roots by Andy May

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Andy May - Room for Roots

Stone Soup from Hard Times

© Lyrics: Lauren LeCroy MayMusic: Andy May (Swift River Music/BMI)
Lauren:  This lyric actually combines two trains of thought I had been entertaining when I wrote it. It started with the thought that even when you’re broke, you can enjoy a beautiful day as much as anyone. That got me thinking of other things that enrich our lives yet cost us nothing: Relationships, memories, sunshine, singing, dreams….  (more)   Andy:  I loved the lyric that Lauren came up with for this song from the first time that I read it. To me, it talked about the challenges and triumphs that we all face in relationships, and the importance of remembering that many of the things we have in our lives don’t cost a thing and yet are priceless. That is what I had in mind when I set out to write the music for this piece.  (… more, credits, lyrics)

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