Andy May-Endless Possibilities

Old Dog

Lauren (lyrics): Written originally for Tavi (also the “old black dog” in Blackberry Jam), who is undoubtedly waiting for us somewhere on the river trail… with a stick! Since we wrote this song, we have sung it for a few others wonderful old furry friends, as well.

Andy (music):


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Andy May-MaySongs CD Cover

Rounder Records: “MaySongs” by Andy May

I enjoyed “MaySongs.” Fun listening… all the way through.    — Ken Irwin, Rounder Records on MaySongs by Andy May

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Jean Ritchie: “MaySongs” by Andy May

Great CD. Jean Ritchie on MaySongs by Andy May

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Ranger Doug: MaySongs by Andy May

Loved MaySongs a lot! Great writing!  –Ranger Doug, Riders in the Sky, Nashville, TN – MaySongs by Andy May

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