McPeake & May at the Country Music Hall of Fame

with Aubrey Haynie and Tim Dishman
Feb 10, 2019, 1pm, Central Time

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Presentation of 2018 IBMA Special Achievement Award to Curtis McPeake – Photos

In the Special Awards Luncheon today at the International Bluegrass Music Association convention in Raleigh, NC, Andy accepted Curtis McPeake‘s Special Achievement Award on his behalf. (Curtis was unable to attend.) The photos below are from Frank Baker’s album in Bluegrass Today. 

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The Good Things-McPeake & May

McPeake & May on “Grass Roots” – an official Spotify Playlist

Leather Britches, the closing track on McPeake & May’s The Good Things (Outweigh the Bad) CD, is #27 of 107 tracks on Spotify’s “Grass Roots” playlist, which has nearly 28,500 listeners.[/two_third]

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“The Bluegrass Situation” on Curtis McPeake and “Leather Britches” – McPeake & May – “The Good Things”

On … “Leather Britches,” you can hear that same timelessness in McPeake’s duet with Nashville stalwart fiddler Aubrey Haynie. They kick the tune with fiddle and banjo only, showcasing that classic pre-bluegrass format, Haynie fiddling fantastically far and wide while McPeake holds it all together with his three-finger roll, seventy years in the making.

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1974 Video of Curtis McPeake with Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass in Norway

We just discovered these gems on a Norwegian television site, NRK TV. The first video includes over 18 minutes of classic Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass, featuring Curtis McPeake, and the second video contains over 5 minutes. The videos also have performances by Bobby Bare, Chet Atkins, and Dottie West. (Don’t be fooled: If your browser’s translator says it’s…

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