Banjo Tab by Curtis McPeake in “Banjo Newsletter”

The May 5 cover story in Banjo Newsletter featuring an interview with Curtis McPeake included Curtis’ banjo tab for two songs from The Good Things (Outweigh the Bad) McPeake & May. The tab for Sweet Sunny South and The Good Things (Outweigh the Bad) is available to download from Banjo Newsletter via their banjo tab page. (Select Curtis McPeake in the “Tabbed out by”…

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Curtis McPeake: Banjo Newsletter Cover Story

Curtis McPeake​ is on the cover of the May issue of Banjo Newsletter​ and the feature story is a lovely in-depth interview of Curtis conducted by Robert Piekiel​. You can watch the interview on YouTube.

The article also contains a great review of Curtis & Andy’s new CD, The Good Things (Outweigh the Bad). Here’s an excerpt:

The CD is done entirely with a four-piece band–Curtis on banjo, Andy May on guitar & vocals, Aubrey Haynie on fiddle, and Tim Dishman​ on bass.The result is a performance with lots of refreshing “breathing space” in each song, with each instrument tastefully placed in the context of the whole selection…. It’s one of those albums you can listen to over and over and hear something a little different each time. Old or young, veteran or novice, all will enjoy this treasure.

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