Show: Station Inn, Nashville, TN – Sept. 1

The World-Famous Station Inn, 402 12th Avenue S., Nashville, TN 37203, September 1, 2016

2016-Andy May Show Poster-Station InnThe Show

Introducing Room for Roots! In this celebration of the songs, Andy and the band, many of whom played on the Room for Roots recording, will play the entire album for the first set. The second set will be full of surprises!!

The Band:

You never know where this band might go: folk, Americana, country, country rock, Bluegrass, old-timey….. They can – and do – do it all. Fasten your seat belt and come along for the ride!

About Room for Roots

Room for Roots was released in April at MerleFest and contains a dozen original songs that are classic Andy May: full of heart, insight, and wit – not to mention his signature guitar chops!

You can feel the salt of life in his songs…. Really, few active songwriters can grab a listener with small-town stories and sharply cut images like Andy May. …. The characters in his songs are everybody’s friends, neighbors and relatives. — Jamsphere

 Andy May is a storyteller and songwriter with something truly special to share with his audience. …His voice sounds wise and seasoned, yet youthful and energetic, creating a beautiful dualism.  Band Camp Diaries