Winfield’s Acoustic Kids 2013, Sat. set

Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, KS. September 21, 2013.

The second 2013 Winfield’s Acoustic Kids Showcase was 9-11 am Saturday morning. Folks were beginning to dry out a bit, and it wasn’t quite so chilly.

Once again, the kids (and their support teams!) stepped up, and everyone met behind Stage 2 at 8 am. Thanks to all for making the commitment and putting forth the effort to make the showcase a success. The audience loved it, and so did we! Great job!

Hats off, too, to the fantastic Stage 2 Sound Crew from Pro Audio Systems Inc. Through the years, these guys have been as staunch supporters as anyone of the Acoustic Kids Showcases. Without their care, competence, and reliability, it would be impossible to stage a showcase like Acoustic Kids. The stage has to be reset between every act, and often there are 20 in the span of 2 hours! Thanks, guys, for making it happen!

Note: This album is a feed from the Acoustic Kids Facebook Page. It contains at least 61 photos.

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