Acoustic Kids at the Walnut Valley Festival

Photos: 2007 Walnut Valley Festival Acoustic Kids

Winfield, KS – September, 2007

This year’s Acoustic Kids workshops were especially exciting. As always, the make-up of the showcase is determined by who applies. We encourage young players of all levels, who are confident enough in what they do to be able to get up and have a good experience performing, to apply. This year, most of our applicants happened to be very accomplished, so this was “The Year of the Hot Kid Pickers & Singers.”

But those of you who enjoy seeing the beginners take the stage and get a taste of performing for a welcoming festival audience weren’t disappointed, either. We started out Friday’s workshop with some wonderful beginner- and intermediate-level players. It does your heart good to hear these kids. Then, towards the end of Friday’s workshop, we presented a sampling of some young pickers and singers who also appeared in Saturday’s showcase, when we gave them a chance to really cut loose.

DVDs or videos of all “Winfield’s Acoustic Kids” showcases since about 1995 are available through Legleiter Video.