Rick Lee – Look What Thoughts Will Do

“Lee uses his five-string banjo, keyboards, and deep baritone vocals to expand on the folk tradition. …He breathes new life into six traditional tunes and songs …[and] shows his songwriting skills with two pieces….”  –Dirty Linen #119, August/September, 2005

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1974 Video of Curtis McPeake with Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass in Norway

We just discovered these gems on a Norwegian television site, NRK TV. The first video includes over 18 minutes of classic Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass, featuring Curtis McPeake, and the second video contains over 5 minutes. The videos also have performances by Bobby Bare, Chet Atkins, and Dottie West. (Don’t be fooled: If your browser’s translator says it’s…

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Curtis McPeake Receives IBMA Distinguished Achievement Award

“Curtis McPeake: In recognition of his lifetime of contributions to bluegrass as one of Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys, a stand-in for Earl Scruggs at Flatt & Scruggs shows, as a member of the Opry’s staff band, and as a Nashville session player, among his many accomplishments.” — IBMA

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Bluegrass Unlimited on McPeake & May – “The Good Things”

“McPeake logged seventy-plus years in the music business…. His credentials are certainly well-established and his love for the music is evident on this recording. May has played with McPeake over twenty years and is a veteran singer/songwriter and champion guitarist. Together, McPeake and May have collaborated to present their versions of songs and arrangements they both love. The tracks were recorded …just two months before McPeake’s 90th birthday. (Well done fellows!) …Included here are “Reuben’s Train,” “My Home’s Across The Blue Ridge Mountains,” and “Leather Britches,” among others…. “Grandpa’s Mule” is the only selection that isn’t an old chestnut. Written by Andy’s wife, Lauren, the song is about her Alabama grandfather’s infamous mule, Betsy… You’ll hear a little of “Flop-Eared Mule” in this one, which should probably bring a smile to your face. Aubrey Haynie adds fiddle work and Tim Dishman is on bass and harmony vocals. As the CD jacket indicates: ‘Heckuva good time!'”- BW, Bluegrass Unlimited

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Curtis McPeake & Andy May – The Good Things (Outweigh the Bad)

– Curtis McPeake and Andy May – with Aubrey Haynie and Tim Dishman –

Banjo. Guitar. Fiddle. Bass. 

4 instruments. 4 musicians. 1 heckuva good time!

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