Andy May at Copper Mountain Music Festival 2018

Nothing quite compares to a music festival with friends and family in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The 4th annual Copper Mountain Music Fest features bluegrass and Americana artists from around the country.

Andy’s sets:
Saturday: 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
Sunday: 12:15 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

This is a free event!!

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Acoustic Kids Guitar Town EPK

  Info: Guitar Town: August 9-11, 2019 – Copper Mountain, Colorado  (map) Showcase: Saturday, August 10, 6-8 p.m. – Guitar Center Stage Ambassadors show: Saturday, August 11, (time TBA) – Main Stage Details and history at Guitar Town Andy May/Acoustic Kids One-Sheet Press Release  (print version) Poster  (print version)   Photos: Click thumbnail to download high res version from EPK on Google…

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Blackberry Jam - Andy May - cover art

Blackberry Jam – Song

©Lauren LeCroy MayAndy May (Swift River Music/BMI)

Behind the Song

Lauren (words): I wrote this lyric the first summer we lived in Tennessee, after we have been once through all the seasons. We had moved from Colorado at the end of the previous May with our then 2-year-old, and wild blackberries, which didn’t grow in the part of Colorado where we had lived, were a revelation to us. (So were chiggers, but that’s another story entirely!) Every bit of this song is true: Blackberry picking with our kid and our old black dog became a part of our summers, and blackberry jam became a part of our winters.

Andy (music): When Lauren first showed me this lyric, she asked if I could work in a break using a bit of the old fiddle tune, Blackberry Blossom when I scored it. I worked with it a bit and realized that the structure of her lyric fit Blackberry Blossom perfectly – it just needed a “b part.” Lauren re-worked one of her verses into a b part/chorus and I based the entire melody on Blackberry Blossom – including working in the break that Lauren has asked for.

Several years later, my buddy, Tabby Crabb, made a music video of this song for us. (Below) 


(… more, credits, lyrics)

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Andy May at Avo’s – July 30

Andy brings his solo show back to Avogadro’s Number on July 30. He’ll play old favorites as well as songs from his 2016 release, “Room for Roots” – and maybe one or two even newer than that! May is a familiar figure in Fort Collins, where he lived for a decade before heading to Nashville in the mid-1990s. $10.00  Available in…

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Acoustic Kids – Guitar Town

Application Instructions   ♦   Application   ♦   Flyer   ♦   Press Release

August 12, 2017 – Copper Mountain, Colorado  (map)

  • Showcase: 6-8 p.m. – West Lake Stage
  • Ambassadors show: 11:40-11:55 a.m. – Main Stage
  • Accepting registrations June 1 until filled – or one week before the showcase, whichever comes first.

Acoustic Kids – Guitar Town 2018  is a great chance for festival-goers to see some up-and-coming young guitar players from the region in addition to the legendary players the festival brings in every year.


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