Andy May-Endless Possibilities

Old Dog

©Lauren LeCroy MayAndy May (Swift River Music/BMI)

Behind the Song

Lauren (lyrics): Written originally for Tavi, who is undoubtedly waiting for us somewhere along the river trail… with a stick! (Tavi also makes an appearance as the “old black dog” in Blackberry Jam.) For me, this is a love song, really, and in the years since we wrote it, we’ve sung it for a few other furry friends, as well. I love Andy’s score for this song, which perfectly captures the two voices in the lyric.

Andy (music): After I wrote the music to Lauren’s lyric and arranged the guitar part, I played and sang it in the studio with a small ensemble: Kenny Malone and Dennis Crouch. Later, Jeff Taylor and Rick Lee added their talents to the track. When I produced this song, I used nature’s sounds – birds, flowing water, frogs…- to help create the setting for the story.


Produced by Andy May

Andy May:  vocals, acoustic guitar

Dennis Crouch:  bass
Rick Lee:  keyboards
Kenny Malone:  percussion
Jeff Taylor:  accordion

Recorded and mixed at Mainframe Recording Studio, Nashville TN– Nathan Smith, engineer. Additional recording Swift River Music Studio, Gladeville, TN– Andy May, Engineer

© (p)Swift River Music (BMI)

All rights reserved.


Old Dog

© Lauren LeCroy May, Andy May (Swift River Music/BMI)

Old dog on the hearth rug
Winter in your bones
Wake up now, cause you’ve been dreamin’
Front feet twitchin’ while you’re sleepin’
That bird’s long-since flown

Pheasants in the autumn fence-row
Squirrel in the treetop
Some mutt was here three days ago
A mouse behind this rock
The joy of runnin’, hardly tryin’
I’m forever young
Caught up in the feel of flyin’
On the trail with a hangin’ tongue

Old dog on the hearth rug
Frost upon your face
Wake up now, ‘cause you’ve been cryin’
It can’t be that satisfyin’
Dreamin’ of the chase

‘Cross the field, down to the river
My people set me free
Such excitement makes me shiver
I know where they’re taking me
Miles & mile of trails to ramble
I left a stick there on the shore
And a rabbit in the brambles
That escaped the time before
Woodchuck in the summer meadow
Wren’s nest in the tree trunk
A deer was here an hour ago
Traces of a skunk
I can smell them, hear them, see them
And they know that I am here
Agile as I’ve ever been
Fleet of foot and keen of ear

Old dog on the hearth rug
Look what time has done
Frozen joints and hardened hearing
The world around you disappearing…
My old friend, dream on

Tree-frogs chorus in the evenin’
Bluebird on the wing
Here it’s still my favorite season
Summer, autumn, winter, spring
The joy of runnin’, hardly tryin’
I’m forever young
Caught up in the feel of flyin’
On the trail with a hangin’ tongue
Caught up in the feel of flyin’

My old friend, dream on

Dream on


Track 7 on Endless Possibilities, SRM CD-116