Photos: MerleFest, 2016


I’m so glad to have been a part of MerleFest, 2016! We released my new CD, Room for Roots at the festival, and most of what I performed during my four sets was from the new project (with a few chestnuts thrown in for good measure). That was fun!

Here’s a sample of images from my own artist sets – you can scroll through them here or click on the center of the image to see them in their full glory on Flickr! MerleFest also posted a Flickr album of my sets and Acoustic Kids photos.  — Andy May


Acoustic Kids

Acoustic Kids - MerleFest, 2016It was a joy hosting the 16th annual Acoustic Kids Showcases – MerleFest. With five hours of stage time on four different stages, we saw a terrific variety of young talent. As part of the program, we presented the third annual Acoustic Kids Ambassadors – MerleFest on the Cabin Stage Saturday evening to a great response. We have images from the first two showcases: You can scroll through them here or click on the center of the image to see them in their full glory on Flickr! Our hands were full during the Maye’s Pit and Ambassadors’ sets, and we didn’t get any pictures. If anyone has photos to share from those sets, we’d love to add them.

Acoustic Kids - MerleFest 2016You can also check out MerleFest’s Acoustic Kids photos. This album has a few photos from the Maye’s Pit showcase Saturday afternoon, as well as the Austin Stage and the Dance Stage..

Many thanks are in order! Thanks to:

  •  All our performers.
  • Their parents and other support crew.
  •  Larry Skipper, our right-hand-man at MerleFest, who backs up dozens of performers, sets mics, troubleshoots, and stays 100% available and reliably cheerful under pressure.
  • The sound crews on all the stages who step up to the task of keeping the showcase running smoothly and each performer comfortable and sounding great.
  • Our marvelous volunteers, Susan and Leah, who do everything else.
  • MerleFest for continuing to support us in providing opportunities for young musicians to perform at this wonderful festival.

It is truly wonderful to work with such a great group of folks year after year!

More Cool Media

In addition to the professional video shot by MerleFest of the 2016 Ambassadors’ Set, this YouTube playlist includes all the Acoustic Kids performance videos I have found on YouTube, most recent first. If I missed yours, let me know! I’d be happy to add it.

MerleFest has posted some other pictures of some of our Kids, too. (Very Nice!) I found the ones listed below – you may want to go the MerleFest Flickr page and search on your name, just in case we missed some or they add some later. Let us know what you find, and we’ll share it!

2016 Participants

Conlan Kerschner  – 2015-2016 Ambassadors

Previous Years’ Participants who were at the festival in other capacities this year.

The Williams Brothers – Long-time Acoustic Kids and 2014 Ambassadors

Emi Sunshine – 2014 Acoustic Kids